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   Hypotensives and Heart Failure, Paralysis and Chest Pain
The Basic Concept of Hypertension

Hypertension is to send more blood where requiring more blood due to variuos reasons.
This is the basic concept of hypertention.

However lots of people think that hypertension will bring about bleeding in the brain, so they
accept to take hypotensives when heart doctor advises them having hypertension.
This is really false concept of hypertension. When you run on the street, if the blood pressure
does not rise, you can never run due to the short of blood circulation on the moving muscles.
This means hypertension is working very efficiently to meet the requirments of body to live.
In the other words, usual hypertention means that there must be a place requiring more blood,
which means also there must be a pathological place in the body. In spite that  there are some
disorders in the body and if the blood pressure does not rise to supply with more blood to the
places of disorder, the disoders must get worsened and worsened due to the lack of blood.

In short, we must know that there must be chronic and gradual pathological changes in the body
if one has usual hypertension.

Hypertensives and Heart Failure

Most people would be treated with hypotensives when medical checkup shows hypertension,
but no one would be advised from the doctors why hypertension happens to them. This
is real medical circumstance. As you know, hypotensives can not be the treatment way of

A pure doctor would study the cause of hypertension and prescribe the medication for
the cause of hypertension. This is real treatment of hypertension because hypertension
is a result of disorder, not the cause of disorder. So hypotensives make people's disorder
more worse. Especially the kidney would be the most effective area because where is the
most distant place from the heart. By the way the signal to raise blood pressure begins
at first from the kidney when it feels the short of blood. As a result, hypotensive makes
vicious circle raise blood pressure more and more.

Above vicious circle and disordered place requiring for more blood make the heart tired so on.
In fact, the feeling pulse on the wrist is never weakened with hypotensive though it shows
the figure of blood pressure gets lower to the average 120/80. This means also the heart
would get more tired with taking hypotensive.

Hypotensive and Paralysis

Most people believe that hypotensive will lower possibility of stroke because hypertension
would bring bleeding in the brain and further more the patients of paralysis have hypertension.
However, please think about what I mentioned in the above. The reason why the stroke
patients have hypertension is that the body must raise blood pressure to recover the brain
having already pathologic changes. If some pathologic changes happen in the brain and
the blood pressure is same as before, this means that patholgic change inevitablely faces
death soon.
Even heart doctors think a result as a cause as far as hypertension is concerned.

Have ever seen the case that hypertension persons got stroke over running to take a bus
around bus stop arear? At the moment of running to take the bus, the blood pressure gets
higher though the patients are taking hypotensive. How often does this happen in daily living?
This means that bleeding in the brain comes from the weakness of capillary vessel not from
the blood pressure.

Please guess that if you pinch your skin and pull, how the skin will be?
If the skin cells are sound, the skin will be stretched, but weak, the skin will be teared.
The bleeding in the brain is the same as this small experiment.

So, on the contrary, one who have hypotension are exposed to paralysis than hypertension.
because the short of blood in capillary vessels would bring about the weakness.

One day I was invited at amateure marathon association party, I was surprised at the number
of paralysis patients among the mombers. The reason is also simple. More supplying with blood
to muscles makes less supplying to brain and inside organs, which will weaken vessels.

What is the best prevention of stroke?

It must not be hypotensive, but to get rid of humidity in the brain vessels.
The concept of humidity does not exist in western medicine, so the prevention should
be performed with east asian medicine

Treatment case of heart of taking hypotensives

This case is for a woman who has been taking hypotensives for 20 years. (046822)

She was short and slim, especially her heart is small and so she had hypotension.
One day she went a hospital, the doctor gave a prescription of hypotensive for hypertension.
Of course she didn't hear about any explanation why her hypertension happened.

I diagnosed at her wrist pulse and confirmed that her blood pressure would be at most 130 whose
number does not need hypotensives.

The problem came from on 5 years ago. She has been bothered with chest pain and now
the pain is getting more serious and frequent. So she came to me for basic treatment.
It is natural that accompanied symptoms as muscle pain, reflux on stomch, myoma of uterus
and other blood circulation symptoms are.

Chest pain means the heart is getting tired.
And frquent pain means the heart needs urgent treatment.

After diagnosing, I confirmed the humidity is full on the body and in the blood and so the heart
was swelled with humidity( cardiac hypertropy ). It is highly possible to happen to her with
blood clots or sudden heart attack.

Actually, she walks toward left direction in spite that she feels her walking straight.
This is a sign of paralysis due to the humidity in the brain.

In a month and half prescription, the chest pain disappeared and scratch mark
on arm skin reduced. More surprising thing was her walking toward left got less!
Blood pressure at the checkup in the clinic was at first lowered to 120/60, but the
doctor didn't reduce the hypotensive and prescribed as same before. I think the doctor does not
believe in that the blood pressure can not be reduced at all and thinks the machine is wrong.

I think her original (own or natural ) blood pressure would be 100/60.  I instructed her to reduce
the hypotensive to 3/4, 2/4, 1/4 gradually.

This case show the basic treatment of hypertension is the treatment of the causes of hypertension
and the causes are mostly humidity and liver weakness.


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