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   A Brief Thinking about Morgellons Disease (Syndrome)
Lots of media say that Morgellons disease is not curable and the pathology
is also in mystery.  However I think it is simple disease (symptoms).
I briefly arrange the pathology as below.

1. Cause
External : Pollution, pesticide, other various chemicals including vaccine, medicine,
              artificial flavors and other materials
Internal : Weakness of liver

2. Symptoms
Same as other autoimmunine skin troubles, which might be simple.

3. Pathology
The symptoms are the process that the waste products in the body are pushed outward
automatically to protect the body.

4. Treatment
To remove the waste products more efficiently, it is required to release and enrich
liver Ki and Blood with herbs.

It is simple treatment way to the East Asian Medicine but there is no one in the
western medical field. So people think it is not curable according to the media's
instruction. It may be really ridiculous!

To My Readers!
Please do not hegitate to send the patients of morgellons disease to Harabi.

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