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   Ki and Blood to Monetary Economy and Object Economy
1. The concepts of Ki and Blood

East asian medicine diagnosis is useful to not only lives but to the composition
of lives - to social phenomenons.

Nowadays, people in the world are confusing at the discrepancy between
the explanations of the specialists  based on academic theories and real living.
For easy understanding what is the real phenomenon between two sources,
It is very useful to take advange of east asian medical diagnosis.

Every organs have their own cycles for lasting their lives. Two major cycles
of the body are Ki and Blood, which is simplified for easy understanding.

Ki is the first mover and the spender of blood that is the final mover and
the supplier of Ki.
So sound body means the best balanced status of this
Ki and blood. If the Ki is excessive, mind is suspended in the air, fever rises
upward the head, which might finally dry the blood and make the body fatal.

Meanwhile if the Ki is short, in other words, if the blood is excessive, mind will
be depressed, coldness makes lower parts congestive of humidity, which might
finally obstruct the flow of Ki and make lots of inflammations and tumors.

2. The concepts of monetary economy and object economy

The concepts of monetary economy and object economy is the same ones
that of Ki and Blood. Money push the objects up and object produce money.
I think it is not neccessary to mention the cycle between money and object
because a man(woman) of common sense might understand it.

The USA is evaporating the US dollars, of course so other countries are doing,
to vitalize damped economy. However lots of people who have nothing to do
with finacial institutes do not feel any signs of recovery in spite that FRB VIP
say the economy is getting better. Why?  Is it the ignorance of common people
or of FRB VIP?

The correct answer is very simple. Money is the Ki and blood is the object.
If common people belonging to middle or low class are bothered with money
in spite that top class people are celebrating their capital gains or interests.
This is the excessive sign of Ki that the fever rises upward the head, which
will finally drive the USA economy fatal.

Personally I wonder how FRB VIP solve this problem.

3. How to recover drunken body?

One of case of excessive KI is the drunken body. When you are drunken,
your mind is flying in the air. But after flying, you will be exhausted for
some time to recover normal activity.

The same should go on the money evaporation in bubble economy.
The economy needs rest to recover for enough time. This is natural and
most reasonable.

Everybody knows what one should do but no VIP will do.
You know, the best talent of VIPs is to answer with difficult words to much
simple and easy questions. If you can do this, you are qualified to be a
members of celebrity.

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