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   Basic Thought of Life and Disease
The Bible says "The God created human being on seventh day."I understand this  as two propositions of the life on the earth.

The first is a human being is created in perfect statue because The God is the perfection and the god gave human beings  omnibus capability to live on the earth.

The second is human beings are created at last day of creation. So human beings could be maintained with foods made of all kinds of other creatures.
For easy understandings, some modern doctors say that woman should take Estrogen  Hormone Tablets to protect getting lower density of bones. Such as this prescription  is based on false recognitions which are The God is not perfect being anymore. They are on the point of revising holy capability that had created the ancestors of them.

Please think about above case seriously. Scientists analyse  chemical composition of bio organs and search for manuplation  to change into as what they want - in short to treat disease. Now, I would like to point out this way is never the best that might be against The God's Will.
If we love our bodies, we can get known about the beginning and proceeding of disease naturally. And then we also get known what we have to take from plants, animals and other environments because human being is on the top of them.

East Asian Medicine has been inherited to the descendent thesedays by the ancestors from over prehistory age in northern area of Yellow river, Mongol, Manchu, Korean penninsula. It teaches us all beings are made of universal energy named ki(chi氣) and we should understand the movement of ki for treatment of living things.

If you catch a cold, you may say as follows
eye: a little bit fever
nose; hard to breathe  or runny nose
face skin: want to avoid to face the wind
shoulder & back: feel a little bit cold
limbs: feel getting tired
digestive organs :feel to give them a rest

In the light of ki, the above symptoms can be interpreted as follows.
1. Ki with outer surface has been weakened
2.and the movement of ki from innerside to outside is not smooth.
3. doctors investigate the status of five organs and other things and decide to smooth the movement of ki from innerside to outside.
4. there are many ways to recover to normal movement of ki.
For example:
(1) simply to activate outer surface ki
(2) to enforce innerside ki to push outside.
(3) according to the status of body, to improve blood circulation to surface or to eliminate overhumidity to outside surface should be considered.

Most of discourses will be described with eyes of above menttioned Ki flow.

We, all staffs in Harabi Clinic hope that we can give a lot of foreigners a chance of herbal & acupuncture treatment. Please feel free whenever you want to be treated diseaes or to know your health  by phone or e-mail.

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