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   Cold Can Be Treated with Vegetables in Ref.
One evening in last September I received a call from my niece for the cold of her son. She couldn't get a help from East Asian Medicine clinic because of closed. She said to me she didn't want to go to drugstore for she didn't to let her child take OTC chemical tablets.
The symptoms are as follows.
He feel a little cold a few days ago. But from today afternoon he coughed more and more. The water run from the nose and had a little yellowish clot. He felt a little fever on the face. He had taken ice cream before. He lost taste for meal and tired.

I prescribed as follows under KIMI theory as follows.

At first, EAT doctor should change the above symptoms into Ki flow.
He feels a little cold a few days ago. -> The surface Ki of the body is not enough. The reason is the shortage of Ki production, the block of surface Ki with cold air or both of them.
The runny nose has yellowish clots. -> The cold feeling is around outer skin but a fever is around in his chest and throat.
He feels a little fever. -> His body begins to produce Ki to expel the cold to outside with evaporating his Jung(精) but not enough.
He loses his taste. -> He have save Ki to digest for expelling the cold.
He feels tired. -> The Ki of emitting outside is short and gathering inside for producing more Ki.

Integrating above as Ki flow is follows.
The surface Ki is cold and not emitting outside. ->Need to emitting Ki of warm.
The inside Ki is a little heated and blocked. -> Need to emitting Ki to outside but of cool.
The humidity is over all both of inside and outside. ->Need to get rid  of humidity and to improve energy production.

Now match the herbs to above ki flow of disorder.
The leaves of green perilla are warm and make surface Ki to emit outside.
Onions and white parts of green onions are warm and emit Ki from inside to outside.
Garlics are warm and improving energy production.
Ginger roots are hot and emitting inside Ki to outside and neutralize individual characteristic Ki of various vegetables during boiling.
The roots of ballon flowers are cool and working on throat to get rid of humidity.
The parsleys are cool and emitting inside Ki to outside working on chest.
The sugar is cool and major resource to produce energy.

I regulated the quantity and let her boil them immediately and give her child. Next morning she called me and thanked for complete treatment of cold without chemicals.

Now you will notice that the plants have their own Ki flows and also the disorders have their own Ki flows( Ki blocking in the view of sound body). The treatment is to harmonize both Ki flows of plants and disorders, not to compose some elements for some symptoms.

* Harabi님에 의해서 게시물 복사되었습니다 (2008-02-09 15:17)

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