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   Chronical Headache and Migraine
Chronical headache and migraine are caused by over-humidity or
poor blood circulatiuon. The pains on the head means the apeal to
the soul to save me(head) from the poverty of energy( Ki).

Usually the headache is treated easily with herbal, so I did not
write cases. However recently I come to know that lots of people
have been taken photos with CT or MRI in hospital indiscreetly.
Some people say proudly " I had been taken photos through the brain
but not found something wrong. From now on I will regularily take photos
in the hospital for the prevention of brain diseases. However, why I had
severe headache in spite that the doctors said nothing in my brain? "

I want to point out three misunderstanings in above proudy healthcare.

First, human being is not created to exposure under ultramicrowaves
or ultra magnetic powers or ultrasonic waves. This means the exposure the
more, the body would be damaged the more. Lots of people are confused the
difference between scientific thought and scientific products. Machine is scientific products but not scientific thought. But they are relying upon the machines because that is they think a scientific attitude . It is very funny thing that they think they are good according to the figures given by the machines in spite of bearing pains the body is still sending to them.

Second, Taking photos is one of method to diagnose not to prevent diseases.
However due to repeated advertisements ordinary people tend to think that
taking the photos is preventive or ne of major treatment proccess. 
As far as the headache is concerned, I have not heard about the prevention
from the western doctors. I understand the cause of  headache or migraine
has not been found in western medicine, which made them be silent but only
say taking the photos.

Third,the western doctors - maybe extremely few - advise to the patients
irresponsibly. They say there is nothing because the photos do not show any
signs of disorder. But the patients are still nervous. While the patients think it is nervous, the disease get worse and worse. In the long run, some day the patient notice that there is no choice but surgical operation or keeping incurable disease
for his life.

We have to know the other side of the world we are living in. Our knowledge
that we rely on is one side of whole knowledge. The case as above mentioned
is one of example. The East Asian Medicine has a suprerior effect for internal diseases

Following case was made thanks to wise professor whose niece has been
bothered with chronical headache or sometimes migraine for a long time.

1. Personal Information(042223)
   Hong,   0   0, female, 11aged.
   address : Seochodong, Seochogu, Seoul

2. Chief complaints
   - Sudden headache or migraine, she could not remember when the headache
      had begun for a long times ago.
   - Whenever she is in closed room or is tired, it always happens.
  Her parents decided to take her famous hospital for close examination.
  The sister of the mother have heard this news and pushed them to take
  her to Harabi Clinic for natural treatment avoiding CT/MRI

3.  Other Signs
   - Pulse : little float, little big, little fast, little tentioned
   - Tongue : thick white mosses, red apex
   - Abdomen : RUQ,RLQ,LLQ pains with finger press
   - Greenish dark circles

4. Diagnosis
   Weakness and malfunction of  liver
   Exasperative digestive organs
   Weakness of kidney
5. Pathology
   Exasperation of digestivel organs and the weakness of kidney make
   the over humidity all over the body. In addition, the weakness and mulfunction
   of liver make the blood deteriorated. These two bother the head in blood
   circualtion, especially when tired or short of breath in closed room.  

6. Prescription
   To improve liver for energy production ability and blood quality
   To get rid of the humidity in soft tissues of organs
   These will make the blood circualtion around head better.

7. Result 
   1st Prescription
   Mother's statement : few complain about the headache
   Patient's statement : No more abdomianl pains after taking herbal

   2nd Prescription  
   The aunt visited Harabi Clinic and told as below.
   The headache was disapeared completely. Simple as this!
   I don't understand why they are trying to be damaged with strange
   waves. So ridiculous!"

   3rd Prescription
   For prevention and enforcing power as she is.
   3rd Result
    Heard that everything is good from her aunt.

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