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   Harabi Herbal Tea Prevents Cerebrovascular and Cancer of liver.
Last fall a haggard face of old man came in Harabi clinic. He had
sickly yellowish and dark face and light but dark voilet colored
lips. Judging from appearance, he might meet his destiny that
would be nearly unavoidable.

He appealed fever on his neck and face for over 16 hours per day
and couldn't do work anymore. However all of signs that his body
told me are very serious. In my view the fever he felt is only one
of surface signs. I could intuitively see that the serious illness had
been grown in his body. He had consulted in several hospitals
and in various folk healing places.

I thought  that I should have assured his waiver for possible
misfortune when I had deliberated what prescription should be
the best for him.

The following signs and symptoms show that he have been
exposed to cerebrovascular accident and the cancer of liver.

1. Personal Information(042849)
   Name : Lee  0   0 , Male, 55 aged
   Occupation :  Director of performances
   Address : Nayangjoosi, Kyunggido, Korea

2. Chief Complaints
   Continuous fever on face and back neck and back head.
   Feeling that the brain is swaying and then nausea.
   Feeling the world is swaying when he conversates for long.
   Above symptoms have begun for 3 years.

3. Other Sypmtoms and Signs  
   Ten years of impotence
   Stammering and dull pronunciation
   Trouble to sleep due to stress
   Medical exam shows high figures of white blood cell
   Dried mouth
   Psoasis on both hands
   Tremoring hands
   Pains on low right costal area
   Infrared rays on upper back lower the fever and make urine clear.
   Lots of sweating are accompanied by other symptoms.
   Cornea looks yellowish and blurred like covering with vinyl film.
   Veins on forearm won't return and remain dug after being rubbed.
   Sludges like wheat powder on the dark lips
   Pneumonia past
   Pulse : Big, tensed, strong and sudden coming and going
   Tongue : Thick coated in root, dark purple in apex and bulged.
   Abdomen : Hard on both abdominal rectus
                    Pains on subclavis and sternum with finger press.
                    Very hard on right bottom of ribs but no pains
                    with finger press.  
                    A little reverberating pains on low back.
                    Abdominal skin is rough like paper tissue.
                    Lots of specks on waist area
4. Diagnosis
   Liver weak and congestive
   Heart tired for a long time
   Lung weak
   Kidney weak

5. Pathology
   At first I judged that he had had several times of cerebrovascular
   accidents but they had been too small for himself or others to
   notice by reason of dull movement of his tongue and others.
   The fever was come from the process of normalization of organs
   whose liver, lung, kidney were born weak and heart was weared
   due to urgent situation. Especially the congestion of liver due to
   accumulative fatigue was very serious so the liver was on the
   way of cancer. Such a congestive organ as this will spread all
   of the body suddenly though medical report examined a month
   ago shows good. Persistent fever, as the high figure of white
   blood cell says, means that  inflammation have been going on
   somewhere in his body. Going back to normal status, the heart
   is moving vigorously and the pulse is so big and tensed.
   The impotence has been for ten years, which tells that these
   sysptoms began earlier than ten years ago.
   The swaying means the lack of blood to the brain is perilous.
    It is natural that this will bring about sudden paralysis as it did.

   As soon as I finished the diagnosis I told him that paralysis
   and cancers of liver or pancrea would be seen under dim light.
   Ant then he confessed his family history. His parents were died
   of liver cirrhosis and of stomach cancer.

6. Prescription
    To improve and release liver
    To improve marginal circulation to organs
    To get rid of humidity
7. Results
    1st  Prescription
    Irrigation to get rid of humidity in half and to release liver and
    to circulate marginal vessel in half.
    1st  Results
   At the glimse of his smiling, I noticed everything wass going good.
   The fever was disapeared but still remained a little on back neck.
   Reduced swaying.
   Reduced pains with finger press on subclavis and sternum.
   New pain on subcostal area.( Very hard but not pain before.
   This means his liver is going to activate but not to be normal
   and avoided cirrhosis or cancer on the threshold)
   Pulse is same as before.
  2nd Prescription
   Same as 1st
   2nd Result
   Still a little stiff on back neck but not on back head.
   No pains on low left costal area.
   Little fever.
   No more apply  steroid oinments on psoasis area.
   Reduced the pains on low back with drumming.
   But still pains on right subcostal area with finger press.
   Pulse was changed from big to soft.
   The taste is getting revive.
   He felt morning erection twice !

3rd Prescription
   Same as 1st and added herbs to improve Ki
3rd Result
    All but pains on subcostal area come back to normal status.
    He does not look as old man anymore.
    He was supprised at the marvelous changes and wondered
    why he had bothered so seriously before.
4th Prescription
     Same as 3rd but reduce the her for humidity.

4th Result
    Now he is taking herbal tea.
    The veins on forearm had recovered to normal. After rubbing his
    arm, the vein immediatly come back. This means the vessels
    had recovered their elasticities

* Harabi님에 의해서 게시물 복사되었습니다 (2008-02-09 15:15)

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