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   Why does the nose when its cold?
Why does the nose when its cold?

I don't have a cold, I'm not sick. My nose doesn't run when I'm inside and there's no sneezing, etc. According to weatherchannel.com it's 35F degrees here and I just walked home, about 10 minutes and the whole way my nose was leaking like a bad faucet. Kinda gross, actually. I'm gonna go disinfect the sleeves of my jacket now.
2 months ago
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2 months ago

I just realized that I left out a word in my question. I meant to ask "Why does the nose RUN when its cold?"
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October 02, 2006
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It is to prevent your lung from malfunction due to low temperature.

This mechanism is the common pathology of all kinds of
diseases on nose, throat, branches of lung and lung in
Korean medicine.

So, for example, the operation for rhinitis is not neccessory in Korean. Instead of operation the herbal prescription is very effective treatment for runny nose or alergic rhinitis etc.

If you see the below site and read the case of no. 7( a girl who... )in English, you can easily understand this theory.
2 months ago



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