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 Korean traditional Ki Exercise Image
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Above image is one of basic exercises Korean traditional Ki training.
This is named as "Tonggi 1". Tonggi means "let the Ki flow on all over body"

Now do it!

At first, you would get some pains on knee and next on pelvis and on waist
because Tonggi 1 would make your body modified correctly.
If you feel some thrills on the top of the head when your toes are rushed each other, the effect of Tongggi will start. The olds may think this thrill let dimentia get away so far as much as thrills.

There are lots of effects of Tonggi so whenever I will explain it if necessory.

Now, I cite Yahoo Q & A for correction of spine as follows.

ENGLISH( Best Answer Selected by Yahoo for Sacral Spine )

Best Answer - Chosen by Voters
It is basicaly caused by the unbalance of Five Organs.
The theory is very complicate.

I want to give you easy way to correct yourself at home.
It is korean traditional exersise to prevent spine and joint
troubles and to correct unbalanced skeleton and Five Organs.

Please visit " http://www.harabiclinic.com " and click the blue
colored "cyber corner open" on left bottom in home page.
and if you click it you can find korean characters.
Among them click No.6 - dinamic image.

200 oscilliation per one exersise, twice a day.
It can be difficult to you, then you can try to do steadily.

The key point is
1. The relaxation of whole body
2. The heels are met each other
3. If you are acustomed to exersise, you could feel some
vibrations in your brain. From this feeling, your effective
exersise will be started.

I hope you will do your best.
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