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   Terms and Conditions of P/O
All kinds of herbal teas have their own characters that must effect the status of body. For example coffee makes the body warm and improves blood circulation. And this change will secondly effect urination. More blood circulation on the kidneys will bring about more urination.

The Harabi herbal tea shall be made to improve health for the people who are in normal or in abnormal  or in disease condition or to prevent or to treat diseases.
This means Harabi should know the client's body status in detail as reqiured in the mentioned checkup list.(previuos page).

Other terms and conditions are as follows.

1. You are kindly requested to fill up in detail for herbal prescriptions of custom- made.

2. The payment should be made by remittance prior to herbal packs forwarding.
    The account No. will be notified in e-mail.
    As soon as you remit, please advise in e-mail( 2ndmrn@hanmail.net or
    harabi401@hanmail.net ) or in writing on this page.

3. Gross Estimated Prices( For 1 Box)
   Net price US$  450 for 15 days
   Handling/packing charges and airshipment fee : US$100.-
   Total CIF price will be US$ 550.-/ one box.
4. Dosages
   1 Box of 30 packs for 15 days. 2  packs for a day.
    Extra packs for damage during delivery will be added.
5. Estimated Treatment Duration
   General diseases : 1 or 2 boxes
   Atopy and other autoimmunine  symptoms : over 3 ~ 6 boxes
   Cardiac diseases : about 3 boxes
   Others will depend on the deapth of diseases.

   The order shall be made for one box for two weeks in principle because the
   condition of body might be changed as the herbal teas are taken. So the  
   information of changed symtoms are necessary for the following orders.
   (This will be communicated by e-mails.)

6. Airshipment shall be made within 3 days after confirmation of remitance.

It will be highly appreciated if you write about the changes of your body on
this site or other sites where your neighbors frequently visit.






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