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   Headache from Cold Needs MRI?
Lots of people in recent South Korea take MRi photos when they get headache
from common cold. I am sure this is an abuse of national medical insurance
system and also of doctors' prescriptions of western medicine duties.

I say real and usual story of common cold treatment now.

A well educated woman takes her son to an internist when he catches cold.
His symptoms are usually a lttile fever, runny nose, coughing, headache,
stomach trouble and sometimes itching on the eyes or tympanitis so on.

She gets the aspirin or tylenol for fever, ephedrin for coughing, antiphlogistic
for inflammation, pain killer for headache and digestive so on.

At second day she finds her son is still in trouble. And then she takes him
to an otorhinolaryngologist and to an opthalmologist and to a neurosurgeon.
She also gets indivudual prescriptions from them. She has him take MRI photos
for headache according to the neurosurgeon's recommend.
After a week later, he get improve a little because of time not drugs but the
symptoms remain as they were. Finally she takes him to east asian medicine
clinic. To treat the common cold makes symptoms get away at once.

What a stupid mom! However this is too usual happenings in South Korea.

We need the philosophy of life and diseases. But truely saying I don't know
from where we have to start to correct our thinking system.

[Source] Harabi Clinic of East Asian Medicine(www.harabiclinic.com)

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