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   General but Principle Guideline of Cancer
General tren of cancer treatment in Korea
Cancer is getting carved as more dreadful and incurable diseases in the
brain. It is really ironic that the scientists who should be more reasonable
stir up the situation as explaining the pathology of cancer with difficult academic
words that looks reasonable but makes people forget the general carefulness.

I do not mean that the detail explanation is not valid but worry that such explanation
as biochemical or molecular biological make the people resort to non-natural

In korea, it it general that doctors and patients think removal surgery at first
when cancer or cancer-like is founded because they are educated by the
mass media that the cancer shall be removed as soon as possible.

The problem is that there is no consideration for the well being of the patients.
One way education like mightbe commercial based trend like this deprives
the patients' choice to recover from the cancer or to keep life with managing
cancer. Are they really right?

The treatment of cancer is based on the preposition that cancer is not
curable and takes the patient to death. We can hear everyday from the medical
business field "the sooner we find cancerlike mass, the better the removal surgery
or the photochemical surgery."
So it is thought that the sugery is the best choice of family even in case of
over eighty aged.

I mean the general condition of diseases and living shall be consided regarding
all kinds of treatments.

What is cancer?
Output is possible with input. Input is also possible with output.
This is a truth to all things existing in the universe.
Body can be alive with the energy between inputting Ki and outputing Ki.
So the balance between inputting Ki and outputting Ki is the most important
to keep body sound. However, even a slight break of this balance can
stop the functions of organs, that might drive to death. So the body has to
make a temporal way to void this lethal situation. This is the chronic
disease and cancer is the one.

If the outputting Ki(waste products) is not feasible to go out through normal
way, the body make a warehouse to store them in the most economic place
not to interrupt the Ki flow anymore. Cancer is the warehouse.

So the patients can keep living as far as cancer does not interrupt secondary
Ki flow.

The removal surgery is to get rid of the warehouse for storing waste products,
which make the body seek secondary economic place but more lethal. So
recurrence of caner is inevitable as time passes.

The best way to treat cancer is to correct Ki flow and to make waste products
discharged easily with herbs, foods and other excercise including mind training.

Diagnosis of cancer
To save words, I explain diagnosis of east asian medicine only.
Some patients say "I am very clean. A month ago I got all precise examinations
and doctors said nothing doubtful is on me at all."  But sometimes I hear their
news of cancer stage IV. What is wrong with the exam or the information?
No, they are correct. But you have to know the exam in western medicine
shows only stock status not flow status. So in these cases, the cancerization
looks rapid progress. But there can be no rapid progress of cancer.

I would like to explain cancerization clearly why this contradictory statement
can be established.
Cancerization is the slow and long progress. But the expression of cancerization
is sometimes very slow sometimes very rapid. The expression of cancerization
means the abnormal growth of cells. The velocity is up to the whole energy to
keep the body. For easy understanding, I put an case as an example.

Oneday, an old man came to me for general diagnosis. Judging from his color,
tongue, abdomen, pulse and others, I said to him that he was on the progess of
cancer on stomach or neighbor organs. He got angry to me with saying that he
got prescise exam at famous hospital even a month ago and nothing doubtfull
at all. But he appealed stomach problem, I had to prescribe herbs for easy
digestion and I got a thanks from him. When he sent his thanks to me, I once
again reminded him of the caner. After six months later, I heard that he was
sent to hospital for stomach problem and the doctors closed abdomen as soon
as they opened it because all of internal organs were cancerized.

The following is the self diagnostic points.

Family history
Some mass but no pain and no rebounding power
One who is accustomed to bear his temper
A person with religion (It is vey difficult to check their mind because of training)
A model person who keeps rules well.
A person who has weak liver or weak kidney
A person who has samll heart that cannot supply enough blood to marginal area.

Reasonable Treatment
Fore stage : to get rid of humidity with evaporating or improving circulation
Middle stage : adding improving gerneral energy to the fore stage.
Final stage : to keep not to lose the energy and the mind. This will last the life
longer than the removal surgery.

Is is natural that abnormal cells are removed by normal cells. I mean the cancer
can be treated by the body by itself naturally. In fact we experience this treatment
in every day life. The problem is that natural killer cells are shrunk due to some
kinds of stress(obstruct of Ki flow), which can not claen up the abnormal cells.

To improve natural treatment and prevention of cancer, I recommend followings.

1. Open mind and acknowledge the difference and varieties of others.
This will make your ki flow not to be interrupted by others including your loving ones.

2. Look for your won way to express your temper.
This will make your congested Ki flow release as it goes out.

3. Take the foods as your body wants. Your body know your Ki flow very well.
So your body will take advange of natural treatment from the food. You don't
need to resort to flooding food information. Your body will require the foods
according to your body condition. So the foods your body wants can be
different every second.

4. Do not over excercise. The excercise is enough to keep the body working.
Sometimes the patients feel to test their will to live or to overcome the cancer with
exhausting body power. But this is very dangerous attempt. Of cause I do not deny
that there can be a few miracle cases.

I can not say about what you have to live because your life is yours.  You have
the right to choose the way of life. I only say my brief advice  and am happy
if you accept my tips as a reference.

[Source] Hrabi Clinic of East Asian Medicine (www.harabiclinic.com)

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