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   Wheat Flour Paste Is Better than Medicated Patch
In the most cases of sprain, swelling and other pains of  muscular, tendons,
ligaments and other hypodermal bleedings, people put medicated patches
on the diseased area. The medicated patch is good for its convenience of
dosage but the effect is not so good as expected.

The medicated patch is made in the factory so it can be not matched to the
character of disease area. Beside this technical and detail character, the
most important pathological explanation is that the patch is an blocking
screen for the natural breath of the disease area, which obstructs the
natrual recovery of the disease. Good feeling of treatment of the patch
is only at the time of sticking. As the time has passed, the effect would
changed from good to bad.

I suggest easy and natural way but very effective instead of patches.
My treatment way is the original type of medicated patch that has been
inherited from the ancient time.

1. Make the wheat flour paste.
2. You can mix it with gardenia or other cold Kimi herbs.(This shall be
medicated by the specialist. So I recommand gardenia or nothing)
3. Stick the paste on the disease area and keep it until tommow.
4. You must be surprised at the effect.
5. If you would have experienced further more, you may apply this widely.

[Source] Harabi Clinic of East Asian Medicine (www.harabiclinic.com)

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