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   Full of gallbladder sludge


In brief,

stones or sludge in the gall bladder come from the malfunction of liver.
The size or hardness of them are various according to individual characteristics and their history.

One day a middle aged woman came to me for the full sludges in her gall bladder
in front on surgical removal of the gall bladder. (048462)
I said to her "Don't worry mam, it will be  clearly removed from the gall bladder in a few
months if you get the herbal presctions."
And she did and got surprised at the result.

The prescriptions are simple, because it should be a improving liver.
Of course, to improve liver, we have to consider other organs and meridians.
Any way, the important thing is that she has normal gall bladder.

What I am saying this record is that the stones in gall bladder or in kidney
can be removed with herbal prescriptions without any surgery

This is usual to me, but surprising mystery to the woman and the doctor
in the hospital who insisted surgical removal.




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