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   Autonomic Instability


Sorry to say that I have to write treatment cases very briefly because I have been in
busy schedule. So I will do mainly about pathology of Eastern Medicine.

All kinds of autonomic instability come from the physical heart problem,
not from the psychological problems only. So the treatment should be
treat the physical heart.

This will be grounded by following links.
1. Depression

2. Cardiac insufficiency
http://www.harabiclinic.com/list/view.php?id=freeboard&page=1&sn1=&divpage=1&sn=on&ss=on&sc=on&keyword=우울증&select_arrange=headnum&desc=asc&no=855 )

A. Why dease the heart failure make psycholocial problems?
In short, it is difficult to escape from the urgent situation if the heart doesn't work.
So the heart works inproperly, the living should be more sensitive to secure
its life preemptively. This phenomenon is very the autonomic instability symptom.

B. So then, what the treament should be?
Though the autonomic instablity is caused by psychological or social or physical reasons,
the final symptoms are in physical heart. So the treatment should be begun from the
physical heart and then treat more to get rid of the first cause.

The cases shows the above is true. (7512).

One day a woman in early twenties ccame to me for skin troubles.
However, in my eyes she is more serious in the heart but not in skin.
She had nearly all of autonomic instablity symptoms including esophagitis that
belongs to heart disease as I am repeatedly saying.

She got the prescriptions for 8 months and recovered to normal status as she was.
Of course, she had to be treated other four organs for the heart treatment.  
The details of this case are omitted, but the thing is problems looking like psychological
should be treated on the heart at first, not on the brain or psychology




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