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   Herbal prescriptions for test tube baby





The life looks like an individual desire,
However it is really a will of the Nature ( = God ).
So the desire for sons and/or daughters looks belong to human being's
But vertually it is also the will of the Nature.

Why the Nature make various human beings from anscesters to descendents?
The Nature wants to express itself various characters through generations.
Of course, the Nature lasts modifying the characters through generation.
By the way in individual respects, individual production capability is also various
among individuals. So some of people unfortnately has little production capability.

In most cases, infertility in not a kind of destiny but the ignorance of body.
In short, I am saying that the production capability depends on liver and
production structure on kidney ( kidney means soundness of cells not urine organ.
also liver means the charateristic function of liver, not digestionsl organ  )

We can study this through belowcase.

1. Personal in formation(044835)
Ha, woman in early thirties
A clerk
Big city

2. Chief complainments
No fertilization over 4 years since wedding..
(The husband has hepatitis B type, so he also got the prescriptions)

3. Other sins and symptoms
1) Chronic rhinitis
2) Terrible menstrual pain
3) Light piles
4) Bad odor
5) White powder like flour on the lips.
6) Severe scratch marks
7) Reflexive gastroesophitis

Pulse : Stressed, a little tensed, narrow, dull
Tongue : Reddish and enlarged
Abdomen : Stiffness on the all of the upper and pain
                 Both CVA pain

4. Diagnosis
Liver small and weak
Heart small and weak
Spleen small and weak
Lung weak
Kidney ordinary

5. Pathology
1) The cause of infertitliy is responsible to both wife and husband.
Hepatitis B means that the husband also weak on the liver.
2) Weak heart and lung means energy for delivering materials to aimed parts
is weak for sufficient production energy.
3) Other signs and symptoms which mean the weakness of liver will also get improved
in accordan with uterus.

6. Prescriptions
To get rid of humidity
To improve liver
To release liver

7. Results

1st presription
To get rid of humidity is the main

1st result
Reduced tongue and abdominal pains.

2nd prescription
Reduced warm for abdomen

2nd result
Good period, no pain.
Reduced hypertension tablets by half but no signs of problem..(130/85)

3rd prescriprion
Added for lowering fever

3rd result
No skin scratch marks
Reduced bad odor
Reduced abdomen apins

4th prescription
Increased for blood circulation

4th result
No pain on the abdomen and CVA apin remains but little. .

5th prescription
Added for purifying bad blood

5th result
Everything OK.
The husband is also good for that!

6th prescription
Increased for humidity

They confirmed their body conditions are so good.
And they immediately got test tube baby treatment and  
succeeded a birth with natural delivery.

After 3years later, they came to me again for the second pregnacy,

Infertilty can be treated by the change from pathology to physiology.
I mean the change means from poor activity to normal activity.

By the way, the important thing for birthing is not the skill of fertilization
but the soundness of egg and sperm and uterus !!







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