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   Insomnia and hypertension


In conclusion, insomnia is heart disease.
So, because it belongs to heart disease, there must be other symptoms accompanied
that are caused from the heart problems such as hypertension.

So, the treatment of insomnia means also the one of hypertension.

The case say this is true as follows.

1. Personal infomation(048443)
Ha 0 0, man in mid-fifties
High level of researcher

2. Chief complaints
1.)Insomnia from 5 years agoand he has taken chemical tablets over
two years on.
2.)Central chest uneasy and irregular pulse in night.

3. Other symptoms and signs
1) Blood pressure drugs from 3 years on.
2) Emergency room for stomach ulcer several times
3) Sometimes spitted blood.
4) Lots of vitamins and othe health foods
5) Surgery on tonsils in young age
6) Terrible scratch mark allover the skin

Pulse : tensed, stressed, strong, pecking-like, dull and irregular in night
Tongue : light pinky and thick white mossess
Abdomen : heavy pn central chest
                stiffness on the upper
                both CVA pain

4. Diagnosis
Liver congestive
Heart small and weak
Spleen big and strong
Lung a little weak
Kideny ordinary

5. Pathology
1) Insomnia is one of heart diseasy( Details skipped ))
2) Congestive liver makes the heart more consumptive fever rising.
3) Its procedure expressed as hypertension

Accodingly, insominia and hypertension have common pethology and the treatment shall
be at first on humidity and releasing liver.

6. Prescriptions
To get rid of humidity
To improve irrigation
To release liver
To improve blood circulation

7. Results

1st prescription
To get rid of humidity is the main.

1st result
A couple of weeks after herbal prescription, the sleeping time gets longer
than ever.

2nd prescription
Increased for lowering fever

2nd result
Sleeping is very good in long years!

Reduced blood pressure drugs but no changes at all.( The half of daily
dosage but no changes as it is 130/85)

3rd prescription
Added for blood circulation

3rd result
Sleeping is good as it was.
Adominal muscles get softened.
Good taste increased by 3kg of weight which has been reduced due to stomach ulcer.
No more flushing on the face.

4th prescription
Added for Ki improving.

4th result
Still taking blood pressure drugs by a half but no change in the pressure
even in fatigue.

No fear of insomnia any more.
No scratch mark on the skin.
Sometimes low blood pressure in the morning.

5th prescription
Simillar to the 4th.

5th result
Stopped blood pressure drugs at all.
Long days after, he notified to me he is good not to take blood pressure drugs and
has no sleeping problem.

After long times, one of his friend came to me for same problems and said
"What was a silly thing of taking blood presure drugs for over 10 years though
I often find lower blood pressure in the morning and having taken drugs!
I now came to know what the blood pressure means through my friend Mr. Ha
and I also want to get my body normal as it  has been."


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