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   Facial nerve paralysis and bleedings in ear


This is a standard treatment case for facial nerve paralysis symptom

I. Facial nerve paralysis symptom

It is that facial muscles are not working properly and so face looks unbalanced between
right and left. There are detail classifications in western medicine but it is not necessory
at all because such details only say about how the symptoms come from but not about
the treatment. If you have some extent of medicine informations, you can understand what
this means.

II. The pathlogy

It is nerve system is not working around face and( or) relative brain. So the muscles
controlled by the damaged nerves lost their power and loose downward looking like
loosen dough statue.

But basically, its pathology is;
1) It is not enough blood to supply to brain and there must be a shortage in certain
place in the brain.
2) Though the blood is enogh, but the circualtion is not sufficient due to small blood
vessels or shrunken blood vessels caused by lower temperature.
3) For some reasons, the veins from the brain into heart is blocked.
If the blood circulation is not enough to facial area, the cells in the area are hungry
so the they cannot work as usual.

This explanations are simple and easy to understand to usual people.
But the explanation with sun medicine words is hard to understand;
1) It is caused by the poor blood in liver and poor Ki in heart.
2) In the eye of meridian, it belongs to Yang meridian, which means the root is not deep.
But the place is the face and brain, which means it can threat the life activities.

III. The character of the pathology

1) Clinical character
It is usual that it recovers simply.

By the way, the problem is that it repeats unperceptively.
This makes the symptom seriously.

2) pathologic character

There are two classifications according to anatomical pathology - central and marginal.
Generally central looks more serious than marginal. But is not always.
More important point is the depth of the symptom that is differenciated from the repeating
and conditions of blood circulation into head. So the treatment shall be focused to this

IV. Treatment case

1. Personal information(045650)
Sun  0   0, Female in early thirties
Kangnam, Seoul, south Korea
Height and weight : 163cm/57kg

2. Chief complaints
Facial nerver paralysis during wedding ceremony preparation activity.
You can guess how the woman was embarrassed!  

3. Other symptoms and signs
1) Spasmodic winking from a few months ago
2) She has been taking tablets for shingle from a few months.  
3) Wieght are losing by 4kg.
4) Recently bleedings from the earhole form 10 days on ( This means very inportant symptom)

Pulse : strong, stressed, narrow and tensed.
Tongue : dark surface and deep coated with white
Abdomin : no specific signs

4. Diagnosis
Liver big but weak
Heart small but strong
Spleen big and strong
Lung weak
Kidney big and ordinary

5. Pathology
1) Lots of humidity due to big liver and spleen but small heart and weak lung.
2) The humidity is accumulated in the head due to the fever from liver and heart.
3) The bleedings at earhole might prevent form brain stroke.

6. Diagnosis
To release liver
To improve blood
To get rid of humidity
To improve blood circulation

7. Results

1st prescription

To get rid of humidity is the main

1st result
1) After a couple of weeks, she looks as very good.
2) But still stingy pain remain on the era.

2nd prescription
Increased for irrigation

2nd result
As nearly normal as before

3rd prescription
Added for imroving Ki

3rd result
Looks as 100 percent normal.
She did wedding crermony and honeymoon jouney as good as normal others.

She acted immediatly as soon as she recognized her symptoms.
This made good and the soonest result and happy wedding.

However, as you see the symptoms as above in para 3,
brain stroke and facial paralysis have nothing to do with such symptoms and
facial paralysis would go to brain stroke in the future or under bad circustances.

This means brain symtoms never come suddenly without preceding symptoms.



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