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   Why eyes getting smaller?



It is general that the old, the smaller the eyes.
Because getting old means that muscle power is getting weak so the facial muscles
get lost flexibility, which makes eyelids loose and smaller.

The problem is that when young people have this symptom.
This means that the young people have not enough muscle power to keep up eyes.
So, losing muscle power for young people means that they have been in chronic fatigue
gor a long time.

Therefore to recover the eyes to normal size, it is necessary to treat chronic fatigue.
The treament for chronic fatigue symptom means to treat other symptoms which
come from the liver fatigue at same time. Accordingly the eye is get larger and get
power, which means that the face looks more elastic than ever, in other words,
looke youger than ever.

Some patient are saying that after getting prescriptions for their symptoms they get
their eyes bigger than before. You can guess that this means pathlogically.

OK, The below case shows what it is.

1. Personal information(048008)
Cha  0   0, male in early thirties
Kangnam, seoul, south korea
A clerk
Tall(185cm /84kg)

2. Chief complaints
1) Chronic fatigue syndrome, From a half year ago he feels total exhaustion.
( In fact he has been over time working in night for a year long form 5 hour in the
morning to 12 hour every week days and saturday.)
2) Eyes are get smaller than before.
3) Falling out of hair more and more

3. Other signs and symptoms
1) No morning erection for a long time.
2) Getting up roar suddenly.
3) Dark skin around navel.
4) Atopy on the back.
5) Reddish on whole palm.

Pulse : Strong, tensed, stressed and a little fast
Tongue : Thick coated woth white and dark surface
Abdomen : Pains on the central chest, upper abdomen and CVA pain

4. Diagnosis
Live big but weak
Heart smallbut strong
Spleen big and strong
Lung weak
Kidney ordinary

5. Patholgy
1) Lots of humidity produced.
2) Muscle power weaken due to the liver weakness
3) Lots of humidity on muscles and internal organs make the body heavy - chronic fatigue.

6. Prescription
To release liver
To improve blood contents
To get rid of humidity

7. Results

1st prescription
To release liver is the main

1st result
1) Getting the face brighter.
2) Dark skin of the navel got brighter.( You may guess this pathology)
3) Pains on the abdomen got reduced.

2nd prescription
Added for lowering fever

2nd result
1) Mosses on the tongue got thinner than before.
2) Light reddish on the hand palm skin.
3) Pinky facial skin appeared.

3rd prescription
Added for improving Ki

3rd result
1) People around say that the eyes got lager then ever .
2) Reduced falling out of hair.
3) No atopy on the back.
4) Better concentrating power.

4th prescription
Simillar to the 3rd

4th result
1) The mirror shows honestly the enlarged eyes.
2) Face looks tightly as younger's
3) Good in fatgue.
4) Pains on the abdomen get to normal.
5) Morning erection works as usual before

5th prescription
Added for humidity

5th result
8 months later, he came to me again.
And appreciated me respectivelt for past best prescriptions.

He said that he felt some fatigue recently, though not so much as before but he didn't want
same problems such as before. So he wanted get prescriptions preventively.

Good experience makes good recognition and habit!      


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