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   Kelloid means only weakness of liver





Kelloid is incurable symptom in western medicine.
However there must be no symptom that is incurable in the eye of nature.
So I write the case of Kelloid as follows.

1. The pathology of kelloid in Sun medicine

If there is a hurt on the body, the body activates its organs to treat the hurt.
The detail process is to activate five organs to produce more elements to rebuild
the hurt area and to discharge debris from the area. During rebuilding the area,
there must be needed blood vessels and nerves and other cells.

By the way, over production of above cells makes the area swollen.
Just this is kelloid, and also a kind of humidity caused by the weakness of liver.

2. The treatment of kelloid

As you see, its treatment is to improve liver.
No need to explain the pathology.
If you got a surgery and find the area is swollen and dark- colored, you get the Sun
medicine prescriptions and then you must be satisfied at the result.

The case shows it is true as belows.

1. Personal information(04108)
Kim  0   0, female in early forties
Busan in south Korea
A clerk

2. Chief complainments
1) Kelloid on shoulder after vaccination
2) Chronic fatigue
3) Visual hallucination

3. Other symptoms and signs
1) Hepatitis B
2) Rheumatism
3) One period per double months from a year ago
4) Abdominal artery pulpitation
5) Swollen thyroids

Pulse : float, strong, stressed, tensed and a little fast( 90/min)
Tongue : light pinky and watery
Abdomen : chest pain and stiffness on umbilical ligament
4. Pathlogy
Liver weak
Heart small and weak
Spleen ordinary
Lung weak
Kidney ordinary

5. Pathology
1) Kelloid mentioned above.
2) Chronic fatigue is caused by weakness of liver and over-working.
3) Visual hallucination caused by the poor blood contents and circulations into brain.

6. Treatment
To get rid of humidity
To release liver
To improve blood circuation
To evaporate

7. Results

1st prescription
To release liver is the main

1st result
1) Pulse reduced to seventies.
2) Reduced abdominal artery pulpitation.
3) Better fatigue.

2nd prescription
increased for imrpoving blood

2nd result
No hallucination
Good fatigue
Kelloid changed to incredible little size and normal skin color

One year laterm she came again to me for fatigue.
As she has worked under wild environment for a year long, she wanted for recharging
her energy. Other complainments are not mentioned in her apeal.


In original record, ther is a theory regarding the symptoms, but in this translating
version, it is difficult to express the spiitual mechanism of sun medicine, so I
beg your pardon that I have to skip the paragraph. 







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