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   Ptosis and headache -humidity!

Though a man looks like a villain in the face at young age, but he gets to old, he looks
as benign. Why this changes would be possible?

The reason is very simple.
Getting old means that the energy of facial muscles get to lose and so the muscles
arounf eyes would get to be downward. This makes him look benign.

By the way, when a man in young age, the eye muscles looks droop
the doctor would diagnose as myasthenia gravis that is incurable.
However, in the east asian medicine is not incurable!

Of cause, its treatment is not so easy but not impossible and in some respects,
it so simple.

This study shows what relation between ptosis due to myasthenia and persistent headache

1. Personal informtions ( 048429)
Sa  0    0, female in forties
Metropolitan area
A little tall and smart

2. Chief complaints
1) One eye is getting drop dwon (diagnosed as myasthenia in big hospital and took
chemical tablets prescrived by them for some time)
2) Before myasthenia, persistent headache has been for a lonh time.

3. Other signs and symptoms
1) Removed thyroids and taking hormons
2) Glaucoma on the dropped eye that is sometimes painful..
3) Same side arm of the eye lost muscle energy.
4) Sometimes out of breath
5) Fragile on fingers' nails
6) Skin peeled on the end of fingers
7) A surgery of empyema
8) Arm shivering.
9) Sometimes pupitating

pulse : strong ( means over working than optimum capacity which originally weak)
Tongue: Deep coated with white and surface dark
Abdomen : Stiffness over the upper          
4. Diagnosis
Liver big but weak
Heart snall and weak
Spleen big and strong
Lung weak
Spleen ordinary

5. Pathology
1) Weak liver and heart cannot supply with energy to muscles.
2) Weak ;ung does not send waste products out suffiently.  
3) So above two pathologics produces humidity which would go up to head along with
fever. This means the symptoms begin at the head.
4) Those are very headache and myathenia.

According to above pathology, the treatment should be simple.
It to improve liver and to stablize heart after getting rid of humidity.

6. Treatment
To get rid of humidity
To improve liver
To enrich blood

7. Results

1st result
To get rid of humidity

1st result
Feeling more pulpitation from first day of taking herbal tea. This means that the heart muscles
are getting being activated.

2nd prescription
Increased for humidity

2nd result
1) Reddish skin on the finger joints disappeared.
2) No peeling out on the fingers' end
3) Neck muscles are getting softened.
4) Pulse get back to normal frequency
5) Exhausted in the afternoon but before it happened from in the morning.]
6) Begin to notice the shivering arm. This means that no shivering time lasts long.

3rd prescription
Added for warming stomach

3rd result
1) Still remain shivering arms slightly
2) Nothing to be mentioned form the result of examination performed at the same hospital
diagnosed as myasthenia before.
3) No headache at all
4) No ptosis from a time of harabi treatment

4th prescription
Added for improving Ki

4th result
1) She can sleep on lying on her the back. Befor she couln't due to pulpitation.
2) No short of breath
3) But still the fingers' nails are fragile.

5th prescription
Simillar to the 4th

5th result
After two years alter she came to again for her son and daughters and thanked
for past treatment with confirming she has been no remarkable troubles for last
two years.       


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