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   Incontinence of stool and erectile impotence

People think that the two symptoms in the title are different symptoms.
But the readers of this site might notice the two symptoms are same because they
have common pathology. As this so, the theory of east asian medicine has unique
pathology that is more true than western medicine.

The case says this is true.

1. Personal information(046970)
Kong  0   0, male around twenty
Industral area
A student
A little tall and slim

2. Chief complaints
1) Bad odor like aged people's stool
2) Feels some flowing from anal
3) No morning erection for several years

3. Other signs ans symptoms
1) Dried and chapped lips
2) Rare urination for 2-3times per day
3) Sometimes dark choclate colored stool
4) Lots of sweating around anal
5) Sever scratch mark.
6) Lots od leucoderma on the back
7) White spos on finger's nails

Pulse : float, strong, tensed, streesed, narrow and a little fast (90/m)
Tongue : dark red and deep coated with white
Abdomen : stiffness over all

4. Diagnosis
Liver samll and weak
Heart small but strong
Spleen small but strong
Lung weak
Kidney big but weak

5. Pathology
1) Weak heart cannot supply suffient blood to the pelvic area which incontinence of stool.
2) Sweating around anus means some of urine leaks to the area.
3) No morning erection means that heart works during night and as a result tired up in the
morning. it means that the young man has been in fatigue for several years.

6. Treatment
To irrigate
To improve blood circulation

7. Results

1st prescription
To irrigate is the main.

1st result
1) No more dark chocolate stool
2) Morning erection starts on
3) One time increased urine per day

2nd prescription
Added for warming stomach

2nd result
1) Reduced pulse to 82/min
2) Reduced stiffness of abdonial muscles

3rs prescription
Increased for getting rid of humidity

3rd result
1) Reduced bad odor a little
2) Reduced scratch mark
3) Lips are getting wetty
4) The color of tongue get back to pinky, which makes him surprised
5) Good morning erection
6) No leaking from anus

4th prescription
Simillar to the 3rd.

4th result
1) Much reduced odor but not perfect.
2) Increased urine two per day to 5/day. This is near to the normal.

5th prescription
Added for blood circulation

5th result
1) No scratch mark
2) Bad odor sometimes noticed sometimes not nnticed. In time of odor, it is not so strong
as before.
3) No sweating around anus at all
4) Every morningm the erection is good!

6th prescription
Added for improving Ki

6th result
After two years later, he came to me again for bad odor,
Then he got three times of prescriptions and got good as before..


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