Herbal prescriptions for test tube ba...
        세상의 생명체는 우주의 본질( 하나님 )의 하나의 의지이기도 합니다. 그런데 하나님의 의지는 하나의 생명체가 육체적으로 죽음을 맞이...
Insomnia and hypertension - on trnslg
facial nerve paralysis on trnslg
Why eyes getting smaller? - on trnslg
Kelloid means only weakness of liver
Ptosis and headache -humidity!
Incontinence of stool and erectile impotence
Angiitis and gallstones
Sjogren Syndrome and irregular pulse
Acrophobia treament case with Harabi herbs

Only One Way the Expos...
                  As you know, there is no way to treat the...
Flesh Eating by Krokodil Can Be Treated by Harabi Herbal Pre...
Hypotensives and Heart Failure, Paralysis and Chest Pain
Birch Bark Skin Syndrome (2)
A Brief Thinking about Morgellons Disease (Syndrome)
A Wrestler's Tongue Says Heart Attack!
Ki and Blood to Monetary Economy and Object Economy
Soda May Make Cancers?
Headache from Cold Needs MRI?
General but Principle Guideline of Cancer
Wheat Flour Paste Is Better than Medicated Patch
Qin Shi Huangdi (秦 始皇帝)- No Old Long Life (2)



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